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Take advantage of the experience and competence of proven sales specialists to develop and establish successful sales structures and customer relationships.
We identify and empower the sales-relevant forces of your company for better planning security and more flexibility in all areas. – Our core competencies and services at a glance:

  • Beluga Caviar HUSO-HUSO Supreme 3,5 - 4 mm diameter

    Finest sturgeon caviar


    Discover the ultimate luxury of Almas caviar, allegedly made from the eggs of the rare Beluga sturgeon (Huso huso). These majestic creatures live in the deep waters of the Caspian Sea and can live over 100 years old. For this reason, Almas caviar is not just a delicacy, but a truly unique culinary experience.

    Almas caviar is sold by selected breeders and dealers who specialize in the careful handling and protection of these rare sturgeons. Although it is difficult to determine the exact origin and age of each sturgeon from which Almas caviar comes, it is said that the eggs come from over 100-year-old Beluga sturgeons. This gives the caviar an exceptionally rich and fine taste that is unparalleled.

    The production of Almas caviar requires patience and expertise. A Beluga sturgeon usually takes at least 20 to 25 years to become sexually mature and produce eggs. It can even take up to 35 years for a sturgeon to produce enough eggs to generate a significant amount of caviar. This means that every bite of Almas caviar is the result of decades of care and dedication.

    Experience the ultimate pleasure and indulge in the exquisite taste of Almas caviar. A truly unique culinary experience that you will never forget.

    Our offer:

    Beluga caviar HUSO-HUSO Supreme 3.5-4 mm diameter

    Citis Number:

    HUS/C/IR/2023/610/F01/P469623 - F0679-2

    Beluga caviar HUSO-HUSO 3.0-3.3 mm diameter

    Citis Number:

    HUS/C/IR/2023/610/F01/P469623 - F0679-2


    Sturgeon ROE (Huso Huso) and Salt & Borax

    Our Beluga caviar is offered in two qualities.


    Royal Beluga Supreme Caviar 3.5-4 mm

    Royal Beluga Caviar 3-3.3 mm

    Only the most homogeneous and largest grains are used to guarantee a true peak enjoyment. With a grain size of around 3.0-4 mm, our caviar is also considered the finest that can be obtained.

    Ingredients: Sturgeon roe (Huso huso), salt, preservative: borax 0.37%

    Nutritional values per 100 g: Energy 1097kJ / 262kcal, Fat 18g (of which saturated fatty acids 4.1g), Carbohydrates 4g (of which sugar 0g), Protein 26g, Salt 3.5g

    Grain size: XXL

    Storage: unopened from -2 ° to +2 °, shelf life is around 6-8 weeks (see label for date). After opening, the product should be consumed within 3 days.

    Color: anthracite

    Taste: mild, creamy

    Allergen: fish

    Origin: Iran


    We look forward to your request and contact with you.






  • Health and protection concepts

    Health and protection concepts


    The Corona period has shown very impressively how quickly and comprehensively health and protection measures can suddenly become necessary that never played such a role in terms of type and scope. In such a case, it is not only a matter of quickly procuring the necessary equipment and materials at a reasonable price-performance ratio in the short term, but also in the medium and long term of the complex organisation of the precise provision of all protective measures - in the company, at the workplace, in schools, kindergardens and public buildings.

    Smart Swiss Consult GmbH advises and supports you from A to Z:

    • Procurement of all medical protective equipment (corona tests, antibody tests, UVC, air filters, masks, etc.).
    • Organized distribution to all branches or locations of use
    • Advice on compliance with all current legal regulations
    • Conception and organisation of comprehensive health and protection concepts also for the future
  • PSA Specialists

    PSA Specialists


    Around medical protective equipment Smart Swiss Consult GmbH is your partner for the procurement of

    • Corona tests
    • Invitro tests
    • Antibody tests
    • UVC
    • Air filters
    • Masks

    Please contact us and tell us more about your specific demand.

  • Private label and brand strategy

    Private label and brand strategy


    With Smart Swiss Consult GmbH, extensive private label concepts can be realised.

    Thanks to our multi-faceted portfolio of supply sources, private label strategies can be implemented even in small batches.

  • Cleaning agents

    Cleaning agents


    With our CYBERMAiD brand, we offer a comprehensive innovative cleaning range for the IT workplace, offices, vehicles and household.

  • Packaging



    The topics "Just in Time" and CO2 neutrality are in the focus of packaging concepts today.

    Smart Swiss Consult GmbH is your consultant and procurer for all aspects of cardboard and flexible packaging for industry and digital trading platforms.



  • Sourcing and procurement worldwide

    Sourcing and procurement worldwide


    With Smart Swiss Consult GmbH you increase your procurement potential by access to over 25,000 additional suppliers worldwide. Benefit from our decades of relationships and proven cooperation with customers, partners and suppliers of all sizes:

    • Office equipment suppliers (more than 700)
    • Packaging industry (approx. 230)
    • Mail order companies and e-tailers (approx. 120)
    • Cash & Carry (20)
    • FMCG (36)
    • Furniture industry (54)
    • DIY (45)
    • Direct (approx. 23,500)
    • Promotional goods industry (376)
    • Electronics industry (165)

    As an additional plus at exclusive conditions, you can take advantage of our personal and financial project participation for effective investment savings.

    By means of dual sourcing, we secure reliable sources of supply for you at every stage of demand.



  • Digital sales concepts

    Digital sales concepts


    You have the right products, but the wrong sales channels? With Smart Swiss Consult GmbH you gain access to a multitude of new purchasers for your articles via digital sales concepts. Test new markets in a straightforward and professional way – without any pre-investment.

  • Digital content

    Digital content


    Present your products online in the appropriate visual language of the digital sales world, including platform-compliant structured data.

    Smart Swiss Consult digitises your portfolio and transforms your product range into relevant content of the 21st century.

  • Climate protection concepts

    Climate protection concepts


    We provide you with sustainable and imaginative product concepts – CO2-neutral and innovative.

  • Corporate planning & control

    Corporate planning & control


    The right strategy for achieving corporate goals is the alpha and omega of corporate planning and control. The path to success inevitably leads first to the analysis of facts and figures. In practice, there is often not enough time for a thorough and comprehensive process analysis and the subsequent planning and control concept.

    With our experience and expertise, we support and advise you efficiently and in a focused manner in achieving your corporate goals:

    • Creation of a business concept/business plan
    • Strategic corporate management
    • Organisational and operational structure
    • Project planning, management and controlling
    • Interim solutions



  • Interim management / sales support

    Interim management / sales support


    We manage your sales activities for you, advise your current sales force and support you with modern sales strategies in precise alignment with your target clients. For this purpose, we can provide you with professional sales staff on a freelance consultant basis. Our goal is to multiply your sales – with the help of a holistic concept.

    Although the key to success lies in sales, this is also exactly where the challenge often hides: lack of time, lack of motivation, a certain proverbial "operational blindness" and very often simply a mismatch within the personnel constellation. People create trust through passion. Every person is unique and also needs a strategy tailored to him or her in order to sell self-confidently and successfully by means of his or her authentic personality.

    Thus redefining and reawakening the self-image and passion of your sales force is the central starting point for all areas of our services:

    • Interim Management
    • Modern sales skills
    • Outsourcing
    • Assumption of operational responsibility
    • Sales coaching
    • Training
    • Incentive concept
    • HR activities
    • Bonus and income concept
    • Assessment concept
    • Balance Training (cross-departmental)


  • Product development and marketing

    Product development and marketing


    In addition to decades of cross-industry experience in sales and professional management consulting, you will benefit from our designated specialists in product and brand development, especially in the area of establishing new products and services. Furthermore, our worldwide partner network offers a wide range of international sales opportunities in addition to extensive sourcing options.

    From the first idea to the everyday life experience of your target persons, Smart Swiss Consult GmbH is your smart decision:

    • Idea generation / idea management
    • Naming & brand development
    • Brand management
    • Graphic, text and product design
    • Marketing concepts
    • Communication online, in print and multimedia
    • Online presence & shop development
    • Omnichannel implementation


  • Omnichannel distribution

    Omnichannel distribution


    Hardly any retail shop can manage without an accompanying online shop or at least an internet presence for communication and order acceptance in case of a crisis. Conversely, the best e-commerce offer is of little use without extensive publicity to reach a critical mass that is at least rudimentarily profitable. Since the channels of daily address can scarcely be separated from each other in the perception not only of the young audience, but meanwhile of almost all age groups, the use of omnichannel concepts is indispensable for providers of all sectors today.

    Smart Swiss Consult GmbH is your specialist for targeted marketing and distribution across all channels:

    • Stationary trade / POS
    • Online shops and offer presences with booking tool
    • Smartphone and tablet apps
    • Teleshopping
    • Catalogue dispatch & dialogue marketing
    • Postage-optimised shipping concepts
    • Classic field service
    • Hotline via telephone and chat


  • Supply chain concepts

    Supply chain concepts


    Today, trade means much more than storing and shipping goods: Every sustainable company needs a high and stable customer profitability, which can no longer be maintained by conventional means. Therefore, it is now primarily a matter of supplying existing customers so far beyond their original core needs that they can optimally and as comprehensively as possible help shape and serve their customers' complete product experience. From the original single product or product range, the end customer's customer journey thus expands from individual purchases to a comprehensive service experience in the sense of convenient outsourcing of the entire procurement management.

    An example: Whereas in the past a classic office supplies retailer only supplied office supplies, today it offers packaging, services and facility articles, if desired in corporate colours and with logo imprint, plus complete communication and processing from ordering to invoicing and delivery to tens of desired addresses nationally and internationally. The local stationery dealer has become the optional international full-service provider for office and shipping. Its own supply chain runs invisibly in the background and draws its resources from a strategic network of suppliers, warehouse service providers and shipping specialists who seamlessly adapt to its time, space and cost framework.

    Smart Swiss Consult GmbH also knows this business inside out. Using sophisticated warehousing and dropshipping concepts, we create new returns for your company by reducing overhead costs and new financing models for your warehousing needs through consignment warehousing. Supply chain is more than warehousing and logistics:

    • Extensive know-how in dropshipment
    • X-Stocking concept
    • Product diversification without high investments
    • Consignment warehouse
    • Order picking, packing, warehousing
    • Experience and networking in the sales channels FH, GH, C&C, Web, Do it youself
    • Project planning, implementation and support


  • Corporate diversification

    Corporate diversification


    An expansion of the range and variety of products with regard to new sales opportunities and target groups may become necessary for reasons of adaptation in changing markets or may simply be recommended as a means of a targeted growth strategy. In any case, Smart Swiss Consult GmbH is exactly the right partner for all modification and expansion processes in your company and portfolio:

    • Content-related expansion of the offer (new, accompanying products, new solutions)
    • Structural expansion of the range of services (additional services, greater variety of services)
    • Geographical expansion (new locations, additional branches, new placement)
    • Risk diversification / loss minimisation


  • Sales specialisation

    Sales specialisation


    How exactly are customer requests received and answered in your company? Is your sales team individually or collectively able to provide expert information in detail? How pronounced is the entrepreneurial thinking of your sales team? Is there a team at all or does someone do sales "on the side"? What may seem like a unneccessary question in this context is unfortunately common practice in many companies, for example when the management is busy with management plus sales in one, sales staff cannot (or may not) deal with customer needs in sufficient detail or are not (or cannot be) informed enough in terms of their professional competence and/or personality.

    Due to its direct effect on success and image, sales is one of the most elementary tasks in every company and should be staffed exclusively with professionals. They should be familiar in detail with the respective catalogue of questions that may come their way and keep an eye on the current, individual sales target at all times. The more specialised the sales department is, the more direct and effective every action will be regarding successful customer service and sustainable business relationships. A lot of time, energy and costs for communicative friction losses and personal dissatisfaction on the buyer and/or seller side can be measurably saved here. In doing so, you not only win in terms of sales success, but you always keep your company and its offer comprehensible and credible – and convey a secure feeling to all parties involved.

    With Smart Swiss Consult GmbH you have real sales professionals at your side who will build up, structure and, if desired, supplement your sales:

    • Analysis of the sales structure in relation to company and sales goals.
    • Examination of individual specialisation needs
    • Training of existing sales teams / departments
    • Headhunting / acquisition of suitable reinforcement
    • Sales support by providing professional external sales personnel
    • Evaluation of results and, if necessary, reorientation/restructuring


  • Production & development

    Production & development


    Benefit from the expertise of Smart Swiss Consult GmbH in all areas of organisation and optimisation:

    • Analysis and organisation of production processes
    • Process optimisation and efficiency improvement
    • Support in sourcing / supply chain management
    • Establishment of a coordinated partner/supplier network
    • Acquisition and implementation of supporting measures
    • Project management in service and product development
    • Personnel management / outsourcing of skilled staff
  • Human resource management

    HR management


    With decades of experience in the field of human resources in a wide variety of sectors, we are pleased to support you in ensuring the harmonious and effective interaction of all human resources in your company:

    • Personnel needs assessment and planning
    • Recruiting / Headhunting
    • Personnel selection / interviews
    • Personnel assessment and development
    • Integration / Re-Integration
    • Motivation and communication
    • Training and education
    • Organisation of your personnel department / interim personnel management
    • Implementation of management decisions
  • Outsourcing



    In principle, (almost) all areas in the company can also be solved and served externally in the short, medium or long term. Smart Swiss Consult GmbH offers you the best advice on outsourcing in combination with the right partners:

    • Analysis of demand and efficiency calculation
    • Planning of your outsourcing measures
    • Establishment and expansion of your outsourcing network
    • Recruitment / personnel management
    • Procurement of goods, services, supplier products
    • Outsourcing of individual areas / warehousing
    • Interim management
    • Outsourcing of individual production and organisation departments
    • External sales / marketing department
  • Crisis management

    Crisis management


    How is your company positioned in the event of a crisis? – Smart Swiss Consult GmbH advises and supports you for all situations in all relevant areas:

    • Inventory and needs analysis
    • Risk assessment
    • Crisis plan / emergency plan
    • Establishment / management of the crisis team
    • Training and education
    • Interim support in the event of a crisis
  • Business startup / startup support

    Business startup / startup support


    In a sense, Smart Swiss Consult GmbH is your professional companion from the initial business idea to the IPO:

    • Examination of the business idea for profitability and marketability
    • Choice of the appropriate company form
    • Support in finding a name and building a brand
    • Portfolio optimisation and personnel planning
    • Teaching you the basics of business management
    • Advice on available public support measures
    • Production set-up and organisation
    • Process optimisation and outsourcing
    • Set-up / support of the accounting system
    • Marketing concept and sales support
    • HR management and training
  • Company succession

    Company succession


    Especially for owner-managed companies, the question of an orderly and smooth company succession arises more and more frequently. Successful succession planning in every respect is often a long-term process that requires a detailed analysis of the relevant company factors and processes. To support you in your business succession, we offer you comprehensive and competent advice that includes the following services.

    • Analysis of the initial situation
    • Preparation of alternative courses of action
    • Conception and implementation of the succession strategy
    • Professional headhunting for suitable successors
    • Process support, documentation and controlling


  • Change management

    Change management


    In today's world, a company has to adapt more and more quickly to its environment. In order to survive in this dynamic change, constant changes must take place in order to operate successfully in the future. Changes can help to survive in times of crisis, to activate the necessary levers in a merger or to restructure internal processes.

    Thanks to our many years of experience in the most diverse areas of change management, we have been able to get a large number of companies back on track in a timely manner over the past few years.

    • Planning and organising as well as controlling and reviewing the change process
    • Analysis of process-relevant channels and potential disruptive factors
    • Involving internal and external stakeholders affected by the change process
    • Developing a holistic concept with ad-hoc measures
    • Implementing the concept in the overall process
  • Finance and accounting

    Finance and accounting


    Finance and accounting is one of the fundamental tasks for every company. On the one hand, proper and legal regulations have to be complied with vis-à-vis the tax authorities, and on the other hand, sufficient liquidity has to be ensured, which creates more room for action. With many years of experience in all areas of finance and accounting, Smart Swiss Consult GmbH is your reliable partner:

    • Establishment and expansion of a meaningful accounting system
    • Financial and profit planning
    • Analysis and optimisation of the dunning process
    • Cost and performance accounting
    • Internal and external reporting
    • Success control and optimisation of results

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    With Smart Swiss Consult GmbH you precisely switch the factors that move everything in the company:
    EFFICIENT · FOCUSED · EXPLORATIVE · STRATEGIC >>  favicon We switch you to success

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    More than ever, target certainty and flexibility set the course for a successful sales management.
    Together we bring your destination on the way ...

    About us

    Smart Swiss Consult GmbH in the centre of Europe is your experienced and powerful partner for all aspects of sales success and the future viability of your company. The name of our company refers to its original foundation in Switzerland in 2002. Our long-standing and trusting customer relationships are based on our target-oriented approach, which we constantly adjust to the current consulting needs and changing markets. Our clients decide for themselves whether they prefer to invest in our fees or to involve us in profitable distribution activities in order to minimise their cash expenses.


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