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    Stunningly successful – the proverbial "elevator pitch" brings it to the point:

    • Who are you and what do you offer?
    • What is the positive effect of using your offer?
    • For whom exactly are you useful and in what way?
    • What differentiates you from others who offer similar things?
    • What is your company's unique selling proposition?
    • What is the quickest way to enjoy this benefit?

    What appears simple and impressive to the amateur often needs years of practice, know-how and discipline – as well as careful preparation in advance for each new motive in order to avoid useless snapshots. Normally, it is exactly one aspect that makes you unique and gives you the advantage. This makes things easier. This is what you focus on.

    Focusing means concentrating on a central benefit, a clear concept, a striking distinctive sign (logo, key visual), a clear ambassador of your customer benefit (slogan) as well as the correct assessment of your "subject" in terms of its achievability. – The rest is simply a matter of pressing the switch in the right moment.


    Smart Swiss Consult GmbH helps you to achieve target certainty and effective communication.
    Convincingly easy with SWITCH FOR SUCCESS.


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    Lerchenstrasse 2 · 61273 Wehrheim · Germany +49 6081 582450 +49 160 979 20006


    More than ever, target certainty and flexibility set the course for a successful sales management.
    Together we bring your destination on the way ...

    About us

    Smart Swiss Consult GmbH in the centre of Europe is your experienced and powerful partner for all aspects of sales success and the future viability of your company. The name of our company refers to its original foundation in Switzerland in 2002. Our long-standing and trusting customer relationships are based on our target-oriented approach, which we constantly adjust to the current consulting needs and changing markets. Our clients decide for themselves whether they prefer to invest in our fees or to involve us in profitable distribution activities in order to minimise their cash expenses.


        Lerchenstrasse 2 · 61273 Wehrheim · Germany
       +49 6081 582450
         +49 160 979 20006



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