Uwe Grauer, General manager

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    Welcome to the cockpit of your corporate and sales management:

    • Where do you want to go and with how much "fuel"?
    • Who is important in which position? Does your team still need support?
    • Is the plan fixed or are there changes at short notice?
    • What is the "weather" like here and at the destination? What are the current conditions?
    • What would you like: co-pilot, autopilot, charter or line?

    With a strong fleet, the right crew and professional equipment, navigation to any destination is easy and flexible. One view at the instruments – and you and your co-pilot know exactly what to do at all times. You keep an overview in every situation and are able to conveniently switch to autopilot for long stretches of the route if you wish.

    Short-term changes of destination and plan are just as possible as spontaneous "stopovers" and upgrades in service. – You are the captain.


    With Smart Swiss Consult GmbH you steer freely and comfortably.
    Your terminal for planning security and flexibility – SWITCH FOR SUCCESS.


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    Lerchenstrasse 2 · 61273 Wehrheim · Germany +49 6081 582450 +49 160 979 20006


    More than ever, target certainty and flexibility set the course for a successful sales management.
    Together we bring your destination on the way ...

    About us

    Smart Swiss Consult GmbH in the centre of Europe is your experienced and powerful partner for all aspects of sales success and the future viability of your company. The name of our company refers to its original foundation in Switzerland in 2002. Our long-standing and trusting customer relationships are based on our target-oriented approach, which we constantly adjust to the current consulting needs and changing markets. Our clients decide for themselves whether they prefer to invest in our fees or to involve us in profitable distribution activities in order to minimise their cash expenses.


        Lerchenstrasse 2 · 61273 Wehrheim · Germany
       +49 6081 582450
         +49 160 979 20006



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