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    Where are you standing currently? – From here, theoretically all directions are possible:

    • What have you achieved and what are your strengths?
    • What exactly are the proven plus points – and which are the ones you haven't used yet?
    • What do others dare or do in your place or a similar situation?
    • What other opportunities are there, what markets, ideas, products, sources ... ?
    • What seems to make sense, what might (still) seem bizarre or unusual at first glance?
      In which direction have you not yet thought?
    • Which path looks safe, which promises adventure and unexpected chances of profit?
    • How are problems solved and challenges mastered "elsewhere"?

    The world is literally open to the positive. The plus sign in our symbolism means the extension of the "minus" sign (efficiency) by adding a Y-axis to the X-axis and thus expanding your previous horizon by (at least) one new dimension. Fresh perspectives create new opportunities to explore further ways and markets and to develop innovative approaches to ideas, products and solutions for all areas of the company and customer relation management.

    Exploration provides more prospects for feasible options as well as, on the other hand, a great challenge to expand the spectrum of experience as unrestrictedly as possible and to sound out all available "points of the compass" with courage and a spirit of discovery. Freely following the motto "no risk, no fun" – in a positive sense.

    With Smart Swiss Consult GmbH you will reach new perspectives and development ideas wind and weatherproof.
    The world of opportunities with concept – SWITCH FOR SUCCESS.


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    Lerchenstrasse 2 · 61273 Wehrheim · Germany +49 6081 582450 +49 160 979 20006


    More than ever, target certainty and flexibility set the course for a successful sales management.
    Together we bring your destination on the way ...

    About us

    Smart Swiss Consult GmbH in the centre of Europe is your experienced and powerful partner for all aspects of sales success and the future viability of your company. The name of our company refers to its original foundation in Switzerland in 2002. Our long-standing and trusting customer relationships are based on our target-oriented approach, which we constantly adjust to the current consulting needs and changing markets. Our clients decide for themselves whether they prefer to invest in our fees or to involve us in profitable distribution activities in order to minimise their cash expenses.


        Lerchenstrasse 2 · 61273 Wehrheim · Germany
       +49 6081 582450
         +49 160 979 20006



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