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    In order to gain a new overview, more freedom and mobility, the first thing is to make a balance:

    • What was worthwhile, what was not?
    • Are there opportunities to save time, resources, costs ... ?
    • Where can "ballast" be shed in order to become lighter and more flexible, to move forward faster or further than before?
    • What is left "below the line"?
    • What has caused minus points so far?
    • Where are the weaknesses? What can or should be done without in the future?
    • Up to what point / what limit can or do you want to go?

    More efficiency turns your "minus" into a plus: Shifting down a gear, reducing volume where appropriate, and reducing or eliminating unnecessary factors such as time and resource guzzlers, all this not only immediately brings new ease. At times, reducing stressful and harmful influences can even be essential to survive.

    The straight line reminds us to adjust ourselves in a straight line and to create a balance between benefit and necessity, a foundation and a path at the same time.
    The path that effectively moves us and the company forward and allows us to sustainably exist in the market. – Without any net or double layer, but from within ourselves.

    Smart Swiss Consult GmbH advises and supports you for more efficiency and higher individuel planning security.
    A strong wire for all situations of your company's life – SWITCH FOR SUCCESS.


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    Lerchenstrasse 2 · 61273 Wehrheim · Germany +49 6081 582450 +49 160 979 20006


    More than ever, target certainty and flexibility set the course for a successful sales management.
    Together we bring your destination on the way ...

    About us

    Smart Swiss Consult GmbH in the centre of Europe is your experienced and powerful partner for all aspects of sales success and the future viability of your company. The name of our company refers to its original foundation in Switzerland in 2002. Our long-standing and trusting customer relationships are based on our target-oriented approach, which we constantly adjust to the current consulting needs and changing markets. Our clients decide for themselves whether they prefer to invest in our fees or to involve us in profitable distribution activities in order to minimise their cash expenses.


        Lerchenstrasse 2 · 61273 Wehrheim · Germany
       +49 6081 582450
         +49 160 979 20006



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